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Watch a review of the first and best electric car powered by electricity and gasoline, which is the most appropriate in the current situation in Egypt in light of the incomplete infrastructure of electric car chargers.

Chevy bolt

A complete review of the Chevrolet Bolt electric car and one of the biggest competitors of the Tesla Model 3.This car range 520 km from single charge, as it supports the fast charger and is considered one of the most distinguished cars in the world of electric cars that many would like to own.

egolf fully electric

Review of the most important features of the 2015 electric Golf car, and an explanation of the most important specifications of the electric car, e Golf, from other conventional cars.

Fiat 500e Review & Evaluation

Full electric Fiat 500e review, Methods of charging the car through home electricity and the maximum distance that can be traveled from one charge Will it really be a practical car for the Egyptian market ... and what category will be interested in owning an electric Fiat 500e?