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Electric Dust Cart

Electric Dust Cart

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Fashionable appearance, good cleaning effect

This dust cart is mainly used for daily dust removal of hard ground in large shopping malls, stations, airports and other public places. It is also the first choice for fast dust removal of ground in large factories.

The equipment combines the conventional dust removal with the high-performance electric vehicle, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity. Just one person with one dust cart can replace ten cleaning people, which saves labor, money and time!

Product features

  • The manual brake is used to stop the machine and it is easy to use.
  • It is equipped with headlights, left and right turn signals and reflectors.
  • It is equipped with a battery meter, switch indicators and a horn.
  • Seat height can be adjusted at will, steering can be adjusted, armrest can be moved, convenient for riding.
  • The handlebar can be folded, the seat can be split and folded, and the handlebar is equipped with a basket.
  • The dust removal mechanism adopts automatic centering mechanism, lift lever principle and press down auxiliary mechanism.
  • A ring handle is adopted according to the ergonomics.
  • The updated T302 chassis can pass the deceleration zone.