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Distribution Board

Distribution Board

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Q-DIN 14 MODULES - 3 FLANGE IEC 309 16/32A IP44/67 - IP65

A complete system of IP65 boards for distributing energy in tertiary, commercial sector and building applications, available both empty and pre-wired, in accordance with the international standard EN 61439-3 and EN 61439-4.. The distribution boards allow to house flush-mounting and interloked socket-outlets up to 63A and versions are available with 5, 10, 14 or 20 DIN modules and addictional modules 14 and 20 DIN modules in order to increase modular space inside the boards.. The switches can always be inspected thanks to the wide transparent door with ergonomic handle and "hinged" screws of the front of board facilitate the wiring and maintenance.. Q-DIN are ideally for fixed applications: surface-mounting or pole-mounting , and transportable application: by handle and carrier.. To ensure the best possible performance even in outdoor environments, prolonged exposure to the sun and bad weather, the boards are also UV resistant certified in compilance with EN62208.

Distribution Board