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egypt has more than
170 charging station

new Stations

triumph station

universal socket


Infinity (Misr - Sharm-ElHadaba)

universal socket


Infinity (Chillout - ElNakhil)

universal socket


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download infinityEV map to find all the Infinity chargers in Egypt. Charge your wallet, locate the available stations and their status.

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we developed a set of questions to help you make the right decision when going electric.

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want to know more about electric cars? Those are a set of videos to explain how electric cars charge, operate and maintain as well as tips to maximize your battery life.

charging made easy

did you know that 30% of CO2 emissions come from the transportation sector? This accounts to 7 billion tons of carbon per year released in the air we breathe, this is why the world is turning to electric mobility. To improve the efficiency of our transportation, our energy sources must be renewable and clean. To know more, you can view a collection of videos and discussions here.

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is your company or organization aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its energy efficiency? Electrified business provides integrated solutions through a team of experts specialized in renewables, energy management and electric mobility.